🌐 My Wiki’s a dumpster fire: Musk as report says his page was 3rd most-popular in 2021

🌐 Been there done that: Ola Co-founder on tweet saying ‘sleep in factory like Musk did’

🌐 World’s 1st DMV that can run on roads & rail tracks to make debut in Japan

🌐 Indian engineer tweets Tesla neared bankruptcy on Christmas Eve 2008; Musk responds

🌐 I get insulted when I hang out with Bitcoin people: Dogecoin maker

🌐 59 files accessed during Mitsubishi hack problematic: Japan govt

🌐 Apple workers to stage walkout on Christmas Eve over work conditions

🌐 Chinese users claim Walmart’s not selling Xinjiang items at grocery chain

🌐 After Google, Meta fined $27 mn by Russia for not deleting banned content

🌐 Thanks to tech, we can look towards a healthier 2022: Mazumdar-Shaw

🌐 Bitcoin price rises to $51,000, hits highest in over 2 weeks

🌐 I’m anti centralised, corporate controlled lies: Dorsey discussing ‘Web3’

🌐 Apple asked to let dating-apps offer alternate payment options in Netherlands

🌐 2 Amazon US warehouses record active COVID outbreak for over 565 days

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