1. Tamper Data
    The Tamper Data extension provides such functionalities. It is an essential tool that supports ethical hacking processes through the Chrome web browser.
  2. Hackbar
    The HackBar extension assists in hash generation, XSS queries, decoding, encoding, and SQL functions other than an interface. The extension helps users easily copy, read, and request URLs,
  3. Open Port Check Tool
    The Open Port Check Tool extension helps hackers detect if a computer has any open ports. The extension alerts users to turn off all unused ports to reduce the possibility of an intrusion.
  4. Request Maker
    Hackers find the Request Maker extension useful when conducting fuzz tests to detect security vulnerabilities and coding errors. The Request Maker tool simplifies the process since it is designed as a core pen-testing tool.
  5. Penetration Testing Kit
    The Chrome-based Penetration Testing Kit contains a bundle of useful pen testing exercises for professional, ethical hackers. The extension provides an interface through which users can view and send responses and request information.

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