What you learn today:

What is a Google Dork?
How to find keywords
How to write Google Dorks

What is a Google Dork?

The dorks you will learn how to make today are what programmers, web designers and pen-testers call Google Dorks, Sometimes people can also call these Complex or Deluxe dorks.

The reason why you would want Google Dorks is to abuse the Google search engine to find vulnerable websites, typically prone to SQLi Attacks.

Example of a Normal Dorks:


Example of a Google Dorks:

Inurl: “” + “.to”
allinurl: “nulled” + “nodebt”
related: “cracking” + “nulled”

The reason Google Dorks are so much better is due to how site specific they can be, whereas if you generated a list you will most likely get lots of useless foreign websites.

How to find keywords?

Most average/newbie website pen-testers will use random keywords which come to there mind please don’t do this.

Getting Started:

Find a website in the niche you want to crack
Look around the website for keywords these can be in the URL and maybe even in text!
Once you have 250 keywords save them in a notepad++ document
For this tutorial I will be finding gaming keywords.

Keywords I found:

call of duty
grand theft auto
top 50 games
new games

note: don’t use these keywords, It took me 30 seconds to find them they will be bad…

How to write a Google Dork:

What the start of google dorks mean:

intitle: which finds strings in the title of a page

allintext: which finds all terms in the title of a page

inurl: which finds strings in the URL of a page

site: which restricts a search to a particular site or domain

filetype: which finds specific types of files (doc, pdf, mp3 etc) based on file extension

link: which searches for all links to a site or URL

So now you know the basic dork examples you want to turn your keywords into dorks, make sure the actually make sense because if you have something like link:top 50 games it just wont work…

Examples of Dorks from my keywords:

allinurl: “steam” + “grand theft auto”
allinurl: “steam” + “call of duty”
Inurl: steampowered
inurl: “top 50 games”
inurl: “new games”
You can use the same keyword as many times as you think it will work, so your list of 250 keywords could become 500 quite easily!

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