Android Security (
Collection of Android security related resources

AppSec (
Resources for learning about application security

Asset Discovery (
List of resources which help during asset discovery phase of a security assessment engagement

Bug Bounty (
List of Bug Bounty Programs and write-ups from the Bug Bounty hunters

Capsulecorp Pentest (
Vagrant+Ansible virtual network penetration testing lab. Companion to “The Art of Network Penetration Testing” by Royce Davis

List of CTF frameworks, libraries, resources and softwares

Cyber Skills (
Curated list of hacking environments where you can train your cyber skills legally and safely

DevSecOps (
List of awesome DevSecOps tools with the help from community experiments and contributions

Embedded and IoT Security (
A curated list of awesome resources about embedded and IoT security

Exploit Development (
Resources for learning about Exploit Development

Fuzzing (
List of fuzzing resources for learning Fuzzing and initial phases of Exploit Development like root cause analysis

Hacking (
List of awesome Hacking tutorials, tools and resources

Hacking Resources (
Collection of hacking / penetration testing resources to make you better!

Honeypots (
List of honeypot resources

Incident Response (
List of tools for incident response

Industrial Control System Security (
List of resources related to Industrial Control System (ICS) security

InfoSec (
List of awesome infosec courses and training resources

IoT Hacks (
Collection of Hacks in IoT Space

Mainframe Hacking (
List of Awesome Mainframe Hacking/Pentesting Resources

Malware Analysis (
List of awesome malware analysis tools and resources

List of amazingly awesome Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and resources

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