Beginning Ethical Hacking With Python🔰

Prologue – Hacker’s Goal
Part I
Chapter 1: Legal Side of Hacking
Chapter 2: Hacking Environment
Chapter 3: Installing Virtual Box
Chapter 4: Installing Kali Linux and Other Operating Systems on VB
Chapter 5: Linux Terminal, Basic Commands

Part II
Chapter 6: Python 3 and Ethical Hacking
Chapter 7: Python Environment
Chapter 8: General Syntaxes
Chapter 9: Variables, Objects and Values
Chapter 10: Conditionals
Chapter 11: Loops
Chapter 12: Regular Expressions
Chapter 13: Exceptions, Catching Errors
Chapter 14: Functions
Chapter 15: Classes
Chapter 16: String Methods
Chapter 17: File Input And Output
Chapter 18: Containers
Chapter 19: Database
Chapter 20: Module
Chapter 21: Debugging, Unittest Module
Chapter 22: Socket and Networking
Chapter 23: Importing Nmap Module
Chapter 24: Building an Nmap Network Scanner

Part III
Chapter 25: Protect Anonymity on the Internet
Chapter 26: Dark Web and Tor
Chapter 27: Proxy Chains
Chapter 28: Virtual Private Network or VPN
Chapter 29: MAC Address

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